Che Che

🇹🇷, Turkey

He is a drummer and teaches rhythm workshops since 2006.

He started SOUNDPAINTING – a sign language for live composition and improvisation - and gives workshops as a Soundpainter since 2008. He’s leading the “Istanbul Soundpainting Orchestra”.

He met BODY PERCUSSION in 2007 and became a member of "KeKeÇa Body Percussion Ensemble”. He worked as a teacher and a performer in Brasil, USA, Italy, Germany, France, Argentina, Israel, Portugal, Holland as well as -nearly- all International Body Music Festival's since 2009.  He started his solo show “I.Play.Me” in 2011 and a duet show 'A Couple of Stuff' with Ayşe Akarsu in 2012. He continues to offer workshops, performances, body music scene designs and various artistic collaborations in national and international projects.

    Level: Easy/Intermediate

    05:00 to 06:30 PM Time Slot 2

    KeKeÇa Basics

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    • Discovering Usul’s: old Turkish-Ottoman classical cyclic rhythm patterns
    • Developing a unique understanding of the concept of ‘grand cycles’ and ‘sophisticated spaces’ using your body as a tool
    • Experiencing the magic of this kind of rhythm tradition through the movement which creates sound: the body percussion