Ciro Paduano

🇮🇹 Italy

He has been teaching Orff-Schulwerk classes and teacher education courses in Italy and abroad for 30 years.

He also works as a music specialist, facilitating projects on Music and Movement Education in public primary schools.

He has published more than 150 articles on music pedagogy in the context of primary school and 5 books on the topic of teaching Body Percussion.

He is the educational coordinator of the Junior department of the Popular School of Music Donna Olimpia, Rome. He is also a founding member of the OSI (Italian Orff-Schulwerk).

    Level: Easy/Intermediate

    05:00 to 06:30 PM Time Slot 2

    Body Music and...

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    How Body Music can evolve from and flow into:

    • Music theater
    • Movement choreography
    • Orff and percussion instruments
    • Elemental composition
    • Different musical genres