Santi Serratosa

🇪🇸 Spain

He graduated in music at the Aula de Música Moderna del Conservatori del Liceu, in 1999. Two years later he continued his studies at the Drummers Collective in New York. After a period of training with different professors of drums, personal research and other musical studies, in 2011 he obtained the title of Master of Music Therapy for the UPF. In 2019 he obtained the Diploma in Systemic Pedagogy.

As a body percussionist he has created and directs the SSM BigHand (Big band of body percussion) and shares a duet project with Mariona Castells, with whom he has participated in different advertising spots and artistic, social and educational events.

    Level: Easy

    03:00 to 04:30 PM Time Slot 1

    Body percussion as a teaching resource

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    • Make use of the properties of rhythm and musical language through body percussion
    • Develop recognition, coordination and body perception
    • Develop creativity, body expression and aesthetic sense through sequences, choreographies and music games, based on the Cántut repertoire
    • Understand rhythm as a pedagogical resource
    • Promote different forms of leading a learning process
    • Achieving self-esteem through self-fulfillment, goal-planning and participation in collective projects
    • Promote interpersonal relationships as well as intra-personal development, social integration and recognition of others